Designed to help you recenter and reconnect.

Spiritual Readings

One-to-one mediumship or psychic spiritual readings, helping you connect to loved ones passed over or to yourself and your inner energy. 



Public demonstrations, church services and private parties. Bringing evidence and messages from your loved ones who have passed.


Intuitive Coaching

Powerful one-to-one sessions designed to help you reframe your thinking, feel empowered and achieve your aspirations.


Personal development workshops designed to help you be more positive and work with the universe and your own authentic soul for a happier more fulfilled life.

I also hold workshops to help others with their mediumship and psychic skills.


Public Speaking

Motivational and inspirational talks for your audience, no matter where you are. Inspiring talks designed for groups of any size, audiences leave feeling connected and empowered.



Renewal vows completely unique to the couple, designed to celebrate their love for each other. 



Celebrate the lives of your loved ones with funeral services designed for you, to bring comfort to family and friends.